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Мой дом - моя крепость
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Тема урока: «Мой дом - моя крепость»

My  home is my castle

Цели урока: активизация навыков аудирования, тренировка навыков выразительного чтения стихотворения, активизация лексики по теме «дом»

Задачи урока:

Обучающая: учить на слух понимать информацию, передаваемую с помощью несложного текста; совершенствовать умение выразительно читать вслух, совершенствование навыков чтения, развитие монологической и диалогической устной речи.

Развивающая: формировать логическое мышление учащихся в процессе обучения монологической и диалогической речи.

Воспитывающая: приобщить учащихся к общечеловеческим ценностям, сформировать уважение к своему родному дому.

Оборудование:компьютер, интерактивная доска, предметные картинки, раздаточный материал.

Ход урока:

1. Орг. момент.

T. Good morning, boys and girls!

P. Good morning, good morning,

Good morning to you

Good morning, dear teacher,

We are glad to see you!

T. I’m glad to see you too. How are you?

P. I’m fine, thanks. And how are you?

T. I’m OK, thank you. Today we’ll speak about  houses and decide if your  home is your castle.

2. Фонетическая зарядка.

Before our work let’s read some words which may be difficult for you and which you may use in your work

Repeat after me: area, castle, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, block of flats, neighbourhood, kingdom, key, lane, yard, basket, garden, lawn,

3. Речевая разминка.

It’s time to play. You will translate my sentences.

1. I like to eat sweets.

2. I live in a nice house.

3. Cheese is made from milk.

4. I prefer to eat healthy food.

5. I have a big family.

6. I don’t like to drink milk.

7. My parents are teachers.

8. We have 3 bedrooms.

9. It’s a very nice area.

10. The English drink  tea at 5 o’clock.

4. Активизация навыков аудирования.

Today we shall discuss English houses and decide if our  home is our castle. I want you to listen to the text and answer the questions : Is it Alice bedroom? Why? Why not?

Прослушивание текста и ответ на вопросы.

T. Open your books. Page 46, ex. 2. Act the dialogue out.

Say is Alice’s room comfortable and cosy? What is there in her room?

Работа с текстом.


5. Совершенствование навыков чтения и аудирования.

T. Let’s continue the dialogue and act it.. Ex.2.

T. Answermyquestions:

1. Does Alice live in a big house?

2. How many things  has she got in her  room?

3. What can you see in it?

4. Why does she like  her room  ?

Чтение в парах. Ex. 2.

6. Динамическаяпауза.

This is my house,

This is the door,

The windows are clean,

And so is the floor!

Outside there’s a chimney,

As tall as can be,

With smoke that goes up,

Come and see!

7. Your home task was to find the proverbs about the home. Who is ready?

1) East or West, home is best. (В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.)

2) An Englishman’s home is his castle. (На своей печи –сам себе голова. Мой дом- моя крепость.)

3)Every bird likes its own nest best.(Всяк кулик свое болото хвалит.)

4) There is no places like home.( В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.)

8. Активизация лексики по теме.

Now guess and write words.

1. c, h, e, k, i, t, n (kitchen)

2. b, th, a, o, r, o, m (bathroom)

3. e, o, b, r, d, m, o (bedroom)

4. v, i, l, i, g, n, m, o, o, r (living room)

Let’s do the crossword.

Across: 1. In this room there is a desk, an armchair, a sofa, a TV-set. (It’s a living-room)

Down: 2. Thisroomislarge. In the middle of the room there is a big table. On the table there are cups, plates, spoons.(It’s a dining-room.)

3. There is a refrigerator, a stove and a cupboard in this room. We usually cook there. (It’s a kitchen.)

4. The room is small. There is a bed, a mirror and a table there. We sleep there.(It’s a bedroom.)

5. In this room you may wash your hands and face, clean your teeth. (It’s a bathroom.)


8. Развитие умений и навыков диалогической речи.

Now ex. 3.p.47 Work in pairs. Interview your partner about his/her house.

- What kind of a house do you live in?

- I live in a detached house. It’s a very nice house. We have 2 bedrooms, a living room, where we watch TV in the evening and a kitchen.

- Do you have a garden?

- Yes, we have a garden at the back and a small garden at the front.

- Describe your room? Why do you like it?

- What kind of neighbourhood is it?

- It’s an area with lots of similar houses. Our neighbours are very kind people.

- I would like to live in a place like that!


9. Совершенствование умения выразительно читать вслух.

Teacher: I agree with you. Home is the nicest place to be. I want to read the poem about it.

Home is the nicest place to be.

With father and mother

And baby and me,

With Skipper, our dog

And Smokey, our cat.

Oh, no place could ever

Be nicer than that!

Teacher: Yesterday we read the poem “This is the Key of the Kingdom”. Your homework was to read it aloud. First we listen to the poem.( слушаем стих в записи.) Some pupils want to read this poem. Please, come here.

This is the key of the kingdom,

In that kingdom there is a city,

In that city there is a town,

In that town there is a street,

In that street there is a lane,

In that lane there is a yard,

In that yard there is a house,

In that house there is a room,

In that room there is a bed,

In that bed there is a basket,

In that basket there are some flowers.

Flowers in a basket,

Basket in the bed,

Bed in the room,

Room in the house,

House in the yard,

Yard in the lane,

Lane in the street,

Street in the town,

Town in the city,

City in the kingdom.

Of that kingdom this is the key.

Teacher: Dear friends. I’m very proud of you. You showed good knowledge today. Thank you for your active work at the lesson. Your marks are 5-s and 4-s for today. Your hometask is to learn the poem by heart, to draw your house and describe it, to do ex.5, page 47(workbook). Our lesson is over. Good-bye.

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